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Posted:  21 Jul 2011 14:29
I need the lyrics to A song by the hoppers, Going Home Forever
Posted:  18 Mar 2012 18:52
Here's the lyrics to the song you requested.  You can see them perform it on YouTube.

Home Forever
By The Hoppers

I've walked the dusty roads of life
with heavy heart and tear-filled eyes
Not finding anyone who seemed to care
At times I'd stumble, slip and fall
wondering whats the use at all
then I'd hear the Master say "hold on! you're almost home"

Seems like I've been going home forever
through miles of smiles of pain and stormy weather
but it won't be long until I hear the Master call my name and say
"Its time for you to leave and come on home..............forever

Soon I'll hear the trumpet sound
and I'll pick up my robe and crown
leaving all the sorrows that we've shared
I'll hear the Master say "Well done!
You've fought the fight and your race is run,
come on in and rest awhile you're at home forever".

Oh they tell me that forever is a long, long time
but as long as I'm at home I'm gonna be just fine
Sitting with the King of Kings
while listening to Angels sing....

Then I'll be glad I've finally made it home
Yes, I'll be glad I've finally made it home.................forever.

Sung by: The Hoppers
Posted:  17 Jun 2012 22:44
Heard this song for the first time. Beautiful song.
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