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Posted:  07 Jul 2011 20:46
im looking for the lyric for this song.
Posted:  07 Jul 2011 21:22
Im a glad pilgrim on my way, going to glory land
Jesus my only hope and stay holdeth me by the hand
It is such joy to understand things that I never knew
Keeping my promise to the Lord Im going thru.

Im His, what a wonderful feeling in my soul
He's mine, He's protecting me from the heat and cold
I'll do whatsoever He bids me I will do
I know my Redeemer will lead me safely thru

Walking with Jesus all the way, singing a happy song
Matters not if it's night or day nothing can lead me wrong
Feeling His presence ever near why should I weep or sigh
Knowing I have a home in glory by and by.

Fully believing, trusting God, giving Him all the praise
Leading me from the paths I trod ever my voice I'll raise
He will be with me to the end, comforting with His pow'r
And He will be my closet friend in death's dark hour.
Posted:  23 Oct 2011 00:30
thanks love it
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