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Posted:  05 Jul 2011 21:26
Looking for the lyrics to a song written and sang by Billy Fields called "the Lord is my Shepherd"
Posted:  07 Jul 2011 05:49
My Shepherd

He leads me, beside the still waters
and He gives the greenest pastures for my bed
He restores my soul, in a world that gets so cold
and sometimes He pours oil on my head

the Lord is my Shepherd
I am so glad I am His lamb
He takes care of me, in a world with so much grief
and one day in His house, I will ever live with Him

He often lets me sit at His table
all the enemy can do is watch me eat
at times my cup's so full I can't speak a single word
and His goodness and mercy follow me

repeat chorus
Posted:  07 May 2015 06:15
The lord is my shepherd
And I his lamb
My home is the meadow
How joyful I am
He will be near me to help and guide me
And I will grow strong

In goodness and mercy
Posted:  23 Jun 2015 20:31
Does anyone have chords pdf to this song if you can help me with any contact info is donnycmd2@gmail.com  thanks God bless you would love to sing it and play it .
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