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Posted:  18 Dec 2010 04:15
I sat down to work today and this song kept ringing in my spirit, My heavenly Father watches over me, over and over again.

I drove around for awhile praying as to the meaning, and in a few minutes the Holy Spirit  spoke.

Thank you so much for the words of this song. They mean so much no matter the trial or situation my heavenly Father watches over me.

Thank you so much for this site it was google's first option. God bless
Posted:  23 Jan 2011 20:36
This hymn is one of the well-loved hymns among the Protestant churches here in the Philippines. Especially in the church where I am attending...this hymn was popularized by the early American missionaries who came to our country together with the American Forces...it was even translated into many local dialects that is being spoken in the Philippines. And particularly, I first encountered this wonderful hymn in its Bicol Translation...

Ako saen man sa Dios tiwala...( I trust in God wherever I may be...)

That is the first line of the Bicol Translation of this hymn...Truly an amazing hymn!
Posted:  10 Mar 2011 00:46
This is truly a Wonderful Soothing to the spirit hymn. I first heard it in the fellowship I belonged to in Muskegon Michigan in 1976. A girlfriend of mine was a guest at one of the revivals we were having and was asked to come up and sing for us. When she opened her mouth and bellowed out this song in her sweet sweet voice my heart and spirit soared. I have kept this song close to my heart and when I start feeling down I sing it out loud to myself and I feel immediate relief from whatever has me down. To know that no matter what is going on My heavenly Father is there watching over me and I can always trust in God, what a wonderful revelation. God and Jesus Christ is Alive and REAL!!!!!
Posted:  09 Oct 2011 13:40
needed to preach the word in message and new song book could not find THANK YOU SO MUCH
Posted:  10 Oct 2011 18:53
My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me is in the hymnal for the Episcopal church called LIFT EVERY VOICE AND SING,,,spirituals and gospel songs..I am sure you can order LEVAS on AMAZON or any religious bookstore...or anywhere..
Posted:  20 May 2012 13:09
Thank you very much 4 the lyrics 2 ths song, i usd to sing it with my frnd when we were young 22yrs ago we also knew or i thought i enew the 1st verse only and i tried to sing it at church today and no1 knew it but they want to kn now it. Thank you now i can sing it with them

South Africa
Posted:  08 Sep 2012 02:58
Hello Guys,
We are all loved this song, "My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me". Anybody could put on a chords on a lyrics with it? I will really appreciate it.
Posted:  09 Sep 2012 03:10
Here are the lyrics, chords, sheet music, and some great renditions on YouTube. Enjoy!

http://www.hymnlyrics.net/my-father-watches-o ...

God bless,
Posted:  24 Oct 2013 02:33
Friends, I am looking for "My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me" sheet music, piano and voice, or if in a hymnal. Someone please help me find that piece.

Thanks. noel.manning@sbcglobal.net
Posted:  24 Oct 2013 03:21
Here is an informative site:
http://www.hymnary.org/text/i_trust_in_god_wh ...
My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me was published in 30 hymnals
this site shows sheet music & provides an audio
Trust this helps,
Posted:  25 Oct 2013 16:58
I thank you for posting the words to this great hymn. Blessings.
Posted:  05 May 2014 20:54
Thank you VERY MUCH for the words to this song..Now I can send it to a woman in Canada!

I also filled in the words to other songs others requested.
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