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Posted:  30 Sep 2005 16:13
Looking for the lyrics to above
Thank You John
Posted:  30 Sep 2005 22:40
go to www.myhomewithgod.com You may find what you are looking for there.
Posted:  01 Oct 2005 05:04   Last Edited By: steveliu
This may save you a click

I trust in God wherever I may be,
Upon the land or on the rolling sea,
For, come what may, from day to day,
My heav'nly Father watches over me.

I trust in God, I know He cares for me,
On mountain bleak or on the stormy sea;
Tho' billows roll, He keeps my soul,
My heavn'ly Father watches over me.

He makes the rose an object of His care,
He guides the eagle thru the pathless air,
And surely He remembers me,
My heav'nly Father watches over me.


I trust in God, for in the the lion's den,
On battlefield, or in the prison pen,
Thru praise or blame, thru flood or flame,
My heav'nly Father watches over me.


The valley may be dark, the shadows deep
But O, The Shepherd guards His lonely sheep;
And thru the gloom, He'll lead me home
My heav'nly Father watches over me.


Words by W.C. Martin, Lyrics by Charles Gabriel.

Hope it helps,

UPDATE: Lyrics, chords, sheet music, and some great renditions on YouTube are available here:

http://www.hymnlyrics.net/my-father-watches-o ...
Posted:  02 Oct 2005 15:30
Thank You Administrator.  Yes, this is the Hymn.

Posted:  09 Nov 2005 18:36
The lyrics have been very useful to me. I live in Argentina and I´m a big Elvis fan. Right now I am teaching a course titled THE MUSIC OF ELVIS PRESLEY and I know that Kathy Westmoreland sang this hymn at Elvis´ funeral. So now that I have the lyrics I´ll be able to translate it into Spanish and read it to my students. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Posted:  08 Aug 2006 01:48
Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music to this song?  Thanks!  MLM
Posted:  10 Dec 2006 20:54
Thank you so much for the joy of this website. I needed 'My Father Watched Over Me,' I found it here and it was such a comfort for me in a low moment. Again, thank you.
Posted:  10 Dec 2006 20:56
Thank you so much for the joy of this website. I needed the lyrics of 'My Father Watched Over Me,' I found it here and it was such a comfort for me in a low moment. Again, thank you.

Chigozi Eti,
Babcock University,
Posted:  11 Feb 2007 04:07
Recently, my right arm was swollen, reason unknown.
I saw a private doctor who instilled much fear in me. Fear is then replaced by faith. Then I recalled this song "My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me", and was trying to find the lyrics,  and I found it here.
It is so comforting to know that God cares for me come what may. Another doctor, my friend at church, prescibed some antibiotics for my arm. Please pray that God will heal me speedily.
In His Care,
Posted:  22 May 2007 14:58
Thank you for posting the words to this song. It uplifted me this morning....Sil
Posted:  27 May 2007 20:12
I, too, am an Elvis fan and was looking for the lyrics to this beautiful hymn sung at his funeral by Kathy Westmoreland.... so I thank you.

I understand the other hymns that sad day were

"Known Only to Him"
"How Great tho Art"
"Sweet Sweet Spirit"
Posted:  14 Jul 2007 21:58
I would also like to locate the sheet music for this song or even the title of a songbook which might contain it. Thanks.
Posted:  09 Aug 2007 07:00
I have been looking for years for this song. My grandmother's Paster would sing this one from time to time and it have stayed on my mind from the age of four and now Im sixty.  Thank you.
Posted:  13 Sep 2007 17:23
HI Phyllis, ps. tell me if you got the song.thanks -- this one has an extra verse. bye
Posted:  13 Sep 2007 20:42
how to find the song wat the name to looked for the song
Posted:  14 Sep 2007 06:53
Hi Sister Phyllis: i hope you will get this song,ps. let me know
Posted:  23 Apr 2008 01:56
looking for the lyrics to ,I believe he's coming back,like He said
Posted:  23 Apr 2008 21:38
Is this the song you're looking for?

High up on a mountain
Called transfiguration, an angel of the Lord
declared that it would be
He said "don't stand there grieving,
for the one that you see leaving
in like manner's coming back for you and me

I believe he's coming back, like He said.
I believe that a trumpet's gonna sound so loud,
one day it'll wake the     .
in the twinkling of an eye,
He'll split the eastern sky,
and I believe He's coming back like He said.

I believe the time is nearing,
that we'll soon see His appearing.
this could be the hour
oh, this could be the day
when the saints from every nation
will lose their gravitation
in the middle of the air
be called away.
Posted:  08 Oct 2009 02:01
May  our God richly bless you for the posting of these words! I, too remember this song from my childhood as sung by my grandmother.  I am now 67! I can truly attest to the fact that "My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me"!!!!!
Posted:  12 Oct 2009 20:06
I'm looking for the copyright information to the song.......
"My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me" as recorded by
Erine Hasse and Signature Sound.

Please reply to leydenji@hotmail.com
Posted:  07 Dec 2009 15:06
I awakened this morning with this old hymn on my mind.  When I was in Central High School in Oklahoma City more than 60 years ago, I was in the chorus.  Mrs,  Lee was the teacher.  We sang "My Heav'nly Father Watches Over Me" in the days before God was removed from our public schools.  Our soloist was Jacqueline Knight.  She sat in the soprano section near the door.  I was a 14 year old  freshman, and I thought I had never heard such a beautiful voice in person.  She was a beautiful young woman, all of 17 years old.  The last I heard, decades ago, Jackie lived in California. I was told she had gone to study with the San Francisco Opera Company.   If you know her, if she still lives, please tell her I have never forgotten her and her lovely voice.  James E. (Jim) Hamby, Jr., Denver, CO.  shoebuckle@aol,com
Posted:  10 Jan 2010 02:17
I sang this hymn at my grandmothers funeral 22 years ago to the day! You would never believe that I never know more than the first verse and I have been looking for the lyrics for years!!  I am a soloist in my church choir in Baltimore, Md, and everytime I sing this song (Verse 1 and the Chorus) someone is moved to tears or cimes up and tells me how they remember the song from their grandmother or mother.  It has a very deep-rooted spiritual significance and serves as inspiration for everyone regardless of age, or personal circumstances.  I have had many tragic, traumatic experiences in my lifetime, but the Good Lord has ALWAYS seen me through those troubled times. I can attest to the fact that my Heavenly Father definitely, without a doubt, watches over me. I am so thankful for His Grace, Mercy and unconditional Love and I will praise His Wonderful Name for the rest of my days.
Posted:  16 Jan 2010 14:30
Hello,  blessings and honor all go My Precious Heavenly Father and bless you all Heavenly bound saints.  You have all renewed my spirit.  I am blessed with great health, not fearing the ganglion on my right hand wrist, will trust in Him in all my earthly battles.  Mom is having financial troubles and might loose her home, siblings are not saved, and I am the one who will continue trusting and waiting to see His hand move hearts and touch minds all to His honor and glory.  Brother who is a realtor might go to jail and is the one who got mom's home in financial issues.  Psalm 23 is my most favorite bible verse.  Woke up to this hymn and reading all of your messages truly lifted Spirit, I am only 42 and gave my heart to the Lord in 2007.  Life has been tough but His anointed keeps me in the path of righteousness.  I am so looking forward to meeting all of you as we get to meet Our Heavenly Father.  May Our Lord Jesus Christ reside in your hearts today and always let His sweet presence be the reason you smile and share His love with others.
Posted:  15 Apr 2010 12:37
i've being looking for this hymn for the past 2 yrs
thanks for making it available
Posted:  18 Apr 2010 22:23

does anyone know where I can get the sheet music to this beautiful gospel song? My wife is a soprano and I would like her to sing this song at her next concert!


Posted:  09 Jun 2010 22:31
THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!  I learned this song as a child 70 years ago and I keep singing it over and over but didn't remember all the words.  I can now sing all of it.     Thanks    Wilma Lee
Posted:  18 Jun 2010 00:01
im looking for the Lyrics to Who's on the Honor Roll My Great Dad please relpy i would like to have it before fathers day so i could sing it to him
Posted:  20 Jul 2010 05:37
I Trust In God    I was reading a sermonette a few minutes ago when I remembered a girl in my High School chorus class who sang this solo.  She had one of those unusual, utterly clear, high soprano voices that was unforgettable.  The date was 1948 and, in my heart, I can still hear her sing.  Praise God for still being worthy of my trust 60 years later.  "Behold, [He] changeth not."
Posted:  30 Jul 2010 15:14
"m looking for the music.  We work in Haiti and would like to have the song sang in our choir
Posted:  09 Nov 2010 14:40
I awoke with this hymn on my mind,  but  did not know all of the lyrics.
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