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Posted:  11 Jun 2011 03:44
Posted:  11 Jun 2011 16:10
So Many Reasons
Words & Music by David Reece
and Jimmie Davis

So many reasons why I love the Lord,
So many reasons I can't count them.
So many reasons why I trust His word,
So many reasons I can't count them.

One is how He saved me at an old-time altar,
He placed a joy within my heart, I know
He changed my completely,
Gave me hope for tomorrow,
And that's the reason why I love Him so
Posted:  11 Jun 2011 16:12
One is how he filled me with His Holy Spirit
He gave me power to walk the world in white
Made me an overcomer, put His seal on my forehead
And now I'm walking spotless in His sight.
Posted:  16 Jun 2011 06:18
thanks for the words for the song--so many reasons why I love the Lord--anyone else have any verses? Rainie
Posted:  17 Jun 2011 05:14
God's Only Son  by the Primitives
Well,who could it be(well who could it be) that tenderly holds my trembling hand, andd who is the one(and who is the one) that speaks in a voice i understand;and who could it be that naketh the raging storm to cease, its God's only Son the Prince of Peace.
God's only Son(Yes, God's only Son)will hold to my hand and answer my pray; and God's only Son (Yes, God's only Son) a mansion so grand He has gone to prepare; thank God when i reach (thank God when I reach) that place where a Heaven of rest awaits; that God's only Son (yes God's ony Son) will open the gate.
2. no matter how long (no matter how long) the wearysome pilgrimage may be; no matter how wide(no matter how wide)or stormy life's raging waters br
I'm bound for that place(i'm bound for that place) where all of God's faithful
   children go, for God's only Son(for God's Onyl Son) is with me I know(is
with me i know)                                                   
registered user
Posted:  04 Jul 2011 16:41
any oneplease--HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT--thanks----RAINIE
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