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Posted:  06 Jun 2011 04:17
looking for the lyrics to--LOVE ROLLED AWAY THE STONE  and He rose from the ashes where He lay................
Posted:  06 Jun 2011 21:53
Love rolled away the stone

He lay there in the darkness, all alone and lost.
All prepared to face the bitter end. They had left
him there in pieces, nailed him to the cross.
They knew his heart would never beat again. Then...

Love rolled away the stone and he rose from
the ashes where he lay. His heavenly father had come
to take him home and love rolled the stone away.

The angels gathered round him,took him by the hand
Jesus knew his earthly work was done. When the gates
of Heaven opened into the promise land. Glory to the father and the son.
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 18:11
Thank you for posting this song
Posted:  13 Feb 2014 23:19
Thank you for posting this song
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