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Posted:  26 May 2011 02:48
I need the words to an old devotional song... I won't be satisfied till his beauty I behold... can anyone help me with this song.
Thank you.
Posted:  24 Sep 2011 16:52
I only know the chorus.. I would like to find the verses too.

I won't be satisfied until, His beauty I behold
I won't be satisfied until, I walk on streets of gold
Those mansions wide, those pearly gate,
Will soon swing open wide
But until I touch His nail scarred hand, I won't be satisfied
Posted:  16 Feb 2013 21:09
To Nero's chop block Paul was lead
To face his death aloneI've fought a good fight
Kept the faith
And now my race is run
For you I've suffered many things
To love you I have tried
But until I clasp those nail scarred hands
I won't be satisfied
Posted:  16 Feb 2013 21:12
My Dad wrote another verse (Rev. M. R. Boatright)
We often face the trials of ife
We're sometimes left alone
But the Lod is coming after me
To claim me as his own
When I stand before his throne
And hear Him say "well done"
Then I'll be satisfied to know
The victory has been won
Posted:  16 Feb 2013 21:39
I found this at the bottom of a post in our Archives going back to 2008
http://www.namethathymn.com/hymn-lyrics-detec ...
For what it is worth, It is just a little bit more ...
Be Blessed by all of the other Wonder-Full Hymns 

I wont be satisfied...
By faith I'll live, by faith I'll die, by faith I'll live again.
I can hardly wait to enter there, my crown of life to win
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