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The Hymn Lyrics Detective / Forum / Hymn Lyrics - Search Requests / I believe in the Father,I believe in the Son,I believe in the Holy Ghost
Posted:  14 May 2011 03:56
Does any one know the words ?
Posted:  14 May 2011 06:27
Here it is.... Hope you enjoy,  it's a very beautiful song, God Bless

                       I BELIEVE                   
I believe that he walked on water,
in the midst of the sea
yes, I believe, I believe
I believe he healed the sick
and he set the captives free
yes I believe, I believe,

I believe in the Father,  I believe in the Son
I believe in the precious Holy Ghost,
((I believe you sent your son to earth
to die on a tree
yes I believe, I believe))

I believe he cleansed the lepher
preached the gospel to the poor
yes, I believe, I believe
I believe you said: just trust in me
and live forever more
yes, I believe, I believe

I believe he fed a multitude
with a few fish and a loaf
yes I believe, I believe
I believe he went up to the tomb
raised Lazarus from the dead
yes I believe, I believe

I believe the holy ghost
decended in the shape of a dove
yes, I believe, I believe
I believe you said: this is my son
in him, I am well pleased
yes I believe, I believe
Posted:  06 Jul 2011 02:59
Thanks a lot. This IS a beautiful song.
Posted:  21 Jul 2011 18:21
Can you tell me who sings this song or who wrote it?
I've heard it once in church and I want to learn it.
Thanks, God bless,
Posted:  25 Jan 2012 02:08
beautiful song, Praise Jesus always
Posted:  10 Nov 2013 02:11
I have been trying to find this song so I could sing it for Sis.Dorothy Harden at church. Thank you so very much.By the way, I am Sis. Linda Hammond of First Full Gospel Chur in Lake City, Florida!
Posted:  14 Aug 2014 12:28
Yes, please.  Looking for the music for this song.
Posted:  07 Nov 2014 20:45
cool I love thissong heard it in church
Posted:  05 Apr 2017 22:08
Does anyone know where you can find the music to this song?
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