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Posted:  25 Apr 2011 23:20
Is there an accompanied tape for this song?
Posted:  19 May 2011 13:44
I think there's more than one song by this title but here is what I have
V1 From the lofty courts of Heaven/Came a bud on earth to bloom/knowing when He left His father/that His fate would be the tomb/ But the grave it could not hold Him/ Angels rolled the stone away/Now the mighty Rose of Sharon/ Is still blooming yet today.
C: But the next time He comes/ He won't have to dies for me / the next time He come/ there won't be a Calvary/ the next time He comes / We'll begin eternity/ and when He comes again/ He'll be coming for me.
V2 I remember when I met Him/ How the Spirit took control/ He established my going/ Now He stars in my life's role/ For a man to come from Heaven / Knowing then of Calvary/ Oh what love beyond measure/ That He'd give His life for me.
Repeat chorus then:  Oh, the next time He comes/ We'll begin Eternity/ And when He comes again/ He'll be coming for me.
Posted:  19 May 2011 13:45
Yes, there is.  The words noted above are on a soundtrak by Christian World, Inc.  The voice range is Db and Gb
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