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Posted:  12 Apr 2011 14:34
Whilst at a school mass assembly for easter the children sang a wonderful hymn which i am trying to identify..... They were singing it from an easter hymn book and the chorus lyrics went "He's alive! I saw him with my own eyes.......I want to tell the world he's alive!"

Anyone help???
Posted:  12 Apr 2011 20:04
i have a few more lyrics i can add that my daughter has remembered...
He's alive
I've seen him with my own eyes
He spoke to me and told me not to cry
So he died a cruel death upon the cross
I have to tell the world he's alive!

Anyone help????
Posted:  01 May 2011 04:08
Mary walked into the garden,
the stone was rolled away,
linen clothes were folded,
in the tomb nobody lay,
Posted:  30 Mar 2012 18:49
Thankyou! They sang it again this easter but i'm still no nearer to identifying its title/vocalist etc. Its so lovely.
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