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Posted:  31 Mar 2011 03:19
There has been several topics by this name but here is an old version that I have and I thought someone might like it.

                     Chorus (Sing)
Day follows night, night follows day this old world keeps rolling along what will your answer be what will you say when Jesus beccons you home.
His name was Jimmy, he was not very old about 10 or eleven but you would not call life for Jimmy, Heaven on Earth. His mon and dad love the night life and Jimmy was just to much of a bother oh but I wonder will they feel that same way when they stand before my heavenly father. Jimmy had to sell newspapers to stay off of starvation. Everyday he would go by this little gospel mission he would walk in and lay his paper bag on the alter and he would pray this simple but very unusal Prayer Jesus this is Jimmy, Jesus this is Jimmy Well I guess you would say its the only way the little boy knew how to pray On this particular morning Jimmy went to sell his newspapers. On this very morning morning as he went by the little gospel mission he decided he would rus inside as he always did to pray his simple prayer and anyway it was cold outside and this would be a way to get worm but on this morning the preacher was holding a counseling session. Jimmy rushed in and laid his paper bag on the alter and prayed his simple prayer Jesus this is Jimmy. He never notice the preacher holding a counseling session and never intended to disturb anyone. But the Preacher saw what was happening he grabbed Jimmy by the arm. what is the meaning of this why you keep praying this unsual prayer Jesus this is Jimmy. Jimmy why are you disturbing us.Jimmy said preacher I am sorry if I disturbed anyone. I just wanted the Lord to know my name. as he left the preacher caught the glimpse of a tear. Once again Jimmy was pushed aside. as he left he slipped from the curb and was hit by a car.the preacher saw what happened took Jimmy and fled to the nearest hospital The doc said life on earth for Jimmy is about to end.The room lit up as if someone was about to speak but that someone was not in sight. You could hear a small voice say Jimmy this is Jesus, Jimmy this is Jesus.

                  repeat the course.

this song has had many changes through the years and some of the words have been changed. hope everyone likes it.
Posted:  03 Aug 2013 23:00
how can I print this
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