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Posted:  21 Mar 2011 02:08
lyrics are sung by female they go
I'm blessed ( sure nuff)
I'm blessed
As I look around me I realize I'm blessed

Lead singer's part:

As I look at the clothes that I'm wearing
The shoes I have on my feet
The house the Lord gave me for shelter
And the food on my table to eat

Chorus comes in
Posted:  22 Apr 2011 00:37
who sing this sung
Posted:  17 Apr 2012 23:36
I look at the lame that could not walk
I look at the man that could not talk
I look at the blind that could see
And I realize, realize, realize
That I'm blessed
Posted:  17 Apr 2012 23:39
Correction- Line 3
I look at the blind that could not see...
Posted:  22 Mar 2013 16:41
I don't know if this was the original songwriter or not but I finally found this song on you tube. Here is the link,   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoCLFczhJLc&am ...
Posted:  08 Aug 2013 19:48
Thank you so much I have been looking for this song for a few years, I learned it as a child and no one seem to know it.
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