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Posted:  01 Mar 2011 23:44
Does anyone know this song
Posted:  02 Mar 2011 04:10
I don't know if this is the one your looking for or not but God bless!

Way Below The Bottom

Verse: 1
God saw me and he knew about my weakness,
and he knew that I was sinking deep in sin,
he saw the tears, he heard the prayers of all my love ones,
God reached way below the bottom, for me that night.

God reached way below the bottom and took my hand,
he didn’t care if I was the worlds most foolish man,
he took my heart, he took my soul, he took my mind,
God reached way below the bottom, for me that night.

Verse: 2
I took his hand, he lifted me out of darkness,
he took that precious blood, and he washed me clean,
he took my fears, he took my pain, and all my sorrows,
God reached way below the bottom for me that night.
Posted:  02 Mar 2011 18:36
Thats it thank you
Posted:  02 Mar 2011 19:11
Your very welcome and should you need the chords for this song I have them too. Just email me at msbubrry@bellsouth.net and I would be thrilled to send them to you, God Bless!
Posted:  01 Jun 2012 19:20
I need the chord to God took nothing and made something of me
Posted:  28 Nov 2012 23:47
Thanks for posying the words. My boyfriend has been searching for years for this song. Now he can teach it to the church when they have the sing a long every Friday night.
Posted:  05 Dec 2015 05:05
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