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Review of NIV Zondervan Study Bible

The last time I purchased a Study Bible was my ragged NIV Study Bible from 1985. How the times have changed since the days of digital printing. At 2880 pages, NIV Zondervan Study Bible is easily the most comprehensive Study Bible on the market today. They’ve made the pages thin, the typeface small, and the […]

Review of the Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible for Little Ones

Most of us who were born after 1962 knew the Berenstain Bears well, even if we never quite mastered how to spell or pronounce their names. Stan and Jan Berenstain created the bear family that year and the bears took off when none other than Theodor Geisel, Dr. Seuss himself, included the Bears in his Random […]

Review of Say & Pray Bible

On August 4, I became the proud daddy of baby Madeleine. Thank God, while she came about three weeks earlier than expected, mother and baby are doing just fine. I’m still taking in all the emotions and experiences that come with fatherhood, and something tells me there’s a blog post ahead on the subject (that […]

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy (Student Edition)

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy Student Edition is, as you can guess from the title, the student version of Eric Metaxas’s Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. As I’d mentioned in my first book review, I’ve been a fan of Metaxas for years, the first few years without even knowing it. I was in my twenties when I […]

Review of NIV Dad’s Devotional Bible

I was excited to see the NIV Dad’s Devotional Bible become available. As a soon-to-be-new-dad, and a first-time dad to boot, I figured I could use all the help I could get. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that these days you can get a Bible for just about anything. In the old days you’d buy […]

The Amazon Echo Is Pretty Cool — And Great for Hymns!

I usually don’t hock products on this blog (unless you count the rash of book reviews I’ve been writing recently), but here’s a product I really, really recommend–the Amazon Echo. I recently got one, and I have to say it’s slowly but surely changing my life, for the better. For those who don’t know, the Echo […]

Review of Really Woolly Nighttime Lullabies

The book I’m reviewing this month is Really Woolly Nighttime Lullabies. It’s a cute little hardcover board book that’s about 40 pages long. It’s sturdy and its pages are all thick cardboard-like stock, making it an impressively durable book. That, plus the fact that it’s about 6 inches by 8 inches make it an ideal […]

Review of Words to Dream On

It can be difficult to shop for Christian reading materials for children and toddlers. In some cases the material is too watered down–being so subtle in its message that it’s hard to tell if it’s from a Christian or a secular worldview. In other cases the material can be too deep–there may be a time to expose […]

Review of Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Most of us, when we do daily Bible reading, just read through the passages quickly without stopping much. We’ll come across certain words and our brains will draw a certain conclusion about what that word means. My favorite example of this is the word “manger”. We all know the song “Away in a Manger”, but the scene that […]

Review of the Once a Day Chronological Bible

Walk into a Bible bookstore and you’ll see Bibles for every occasion, purpose, and theme. There are Bibles for for women, for men, for kids, for teens, for leaders, for study, for gardeners, for music lovers, for survivors, for those who want life application, and dozens more. In most cases, these are just a typical Bible with […]