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Review of Baby Wren and the Great Gift

Most children’s books you see these days seem to consist of cute (and not-so-cute) little illustrated animals and children with simplistic rhymes and ditties. But every now and again you come across one that transcends the banal and approaches being a thing of beauty, and even a work of art. Baby Wren and the Great Gift is […]

Review of God is Watching Over You

A few months ago I reviewed a new book called Thank You, Lord for Everything, but P.J. Lyons and Tim Warnes. It instantly made its way into one of the books that I read with my little daughter. The words were simple yet full of meaning, and the illustrations of the little bear and his friends and family were […]

Review of Snuggle Time Prayers

Snuggle Time Prayers is another beautiful board book. It measures about 5 inches by 7 inches and has a slightly plush cardboard cover and about 15 sturdy cardboard pages inside. The premise of the book is fairly simple. Each page features a short poem. Each poem has a simple title such as “I’m Amazing” or “God’s […]

Review of Little One, God Loves You

Little One, God Loves You is a board book that clocks in at under 10 pages and roughly 80 words total. It was written by Amy Warren Hilliker. If the “Warren” sounds familiar, it’s because the author is the daughter of Rick Warren, founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven […]

Review of The Word of Promise New Testament (Audiobook)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve made resolutions over the past years (or decades) to read the entire Bible all the way through. On January 1 you read Genesis 1-3 right on track. But within a few weeks, usually around Leviticus, you start slipping. “I’ll catch up tomorrow”. And then a few months pass and […]

Review of The Beginner’s Bible and Kid-Sized Devotions

I remember when I was growing up my mom got me my very own copy of The Children’s Living Bible. I remember cherishing it. The edges of the book were a red color, which was different than the orange color of my brother’s and sister’s Bible. The cover had a picture of Jesus holding a little […]

Review of Precious Moments 5-Minute Bedtime Treasury

Precious Moments are one of those things that just about everyone in the Christian world, and many in the secular world, know about. The little teardrop-shaped children are easily recognizable everywhere. They were first drawn by Samuel Butcher in the 1970’s. The first collectible figurine line was created in 1978, and throughout the 80’s and […]

Review of The Carols of Christmas: A Celebration of the Surprising Stories Behind Your Favorite Holiday Songs

While I’ve been writing a lot of reviews on various kinds of books, my first love of course is with hymns and church music. And so when the opportunity came up for me to review The Carols of Christmas: A Celebration of the Surprising Stories Behind Your Favorite Holiday Songs I jumped at the chance. […]

Review of Thank You Lord for Everything

Well, as you can see in my last post I’m officially a new daddy now which means one thing–I’ll probably be reviewing a lot more children’s books. Even if you’re not a parent, if you have nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or friends with young ones, you might want to read these and if there are good books […]

Review of Seven Women and the Secret of their Greatness

The first book I reviewed on this blog was Eric Metaxas’s Seven Men and the Secret of Their Greatness. It’s only fitting that I review the new companion book called Seven Women: And the Secret of Their Greatness. As with the 7 Men book I’d categorize this book as a modern-day sequel to Hebrews 11. It recounts […]